Synthetic Resins
We have built a strong network through many years of activity and have a wide range of synthetic materials available from general-purpose resin to super engineering plastics. In addition to developing materials that meet the needs of special compounds and coloring, we are also engaged in product planning, development, and sales.

General-purpose plastics

LDPE            Low-density polyethylene

AS                AS resin

HDPE            High-density polyethylene

ABS              ABS resin

LLDPE           Linear-low-density polyethylene

PVC              Polyvinyl chloride

EVA              Ethylene-vinyl acetate

CPVC            Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride

PP                Polypropylene

PMMA          Methacrylate resin

PS                Polystyrene


Engineering plastics

PC                Polycarbonate

PPS               Polyphenylene sulfide

POM             Polyacetal

LCP               Liquid crystal polymer

PBT              Polybutylene terephthalate

PAI               Polyamide-imide

PET              Polyethylene terephthalate

PEI               Polyetherimide

PA                Polyamide

PEEK             Polyether ether ketone

m-PPO           Modified polyphenylene oxide

PSU              Polysulfone

PTFE, PVDF   Fluororesins

PAR              Polyarylate

TPX              Polymethylpentene

PES              Polyethersulfone


Alloy plastics (of engineering plastic series)



Thermoplastic elastomers

TPEE                      Polyester elastomers

TPS(SBS,SEBS)        Styrenic Elastomers

TPO, TPV                Olefinic elastomers

TPU                        Polyurethane resins


Biodegradable plastics

PLA              Plant-derived

PVA              Petroleum-derived

PBS              Petroleum-derived

PBAT            Petroleum-derived

PCL copolymers       Petroleum-derived


Thermosetting plastics

EP                         Epoxy resins

Urea-melamine        Diallyl phthalate resin

Phenolic resins        Unsaturated polyester


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