Sustainability and Green materials


Architects and designers today aim to create energy efficient and sustainable buildings. To this problem Elval Colour provides with etalbond® and orofe® and with special functional coatings a perfect solution for a Green Building. Environmental Product Declarations are available for all products, confirming the focus of the company on delivering sustainable material and leadership in green building material and innovation, by understanding market needs, committing to technological prowess and continuous improvement of processes and products.


Elval Colour uses controlled processes with a focus on energy, emissions, resource usage and environment

· etalbond® is Fully Recyclable
· etalbond® has low waste in manufacture and in use
· Coil coating is the best available technology for applying paint to metal and the most environmental friendly as it minimizes the environmental impact of emissions (VOC), usage of chemicals, water, energy and waste disposal
· Emissions of volatile organics are very tightly controlled by the coil coating process to the extent that they are virtually eliminated
· Pre-painted metal consistently out-performs post-painted metal in longevity, corrosion protection, and long-term aesthetics
· Water used in our processes is 100% re-utilized resulting in no water wastage
· The continuous nature of the coil coating process and the efficiency of roller coating means that waste is very much reduced and wastage of paint is virtually eliminated, with most potential waste being re-used in paint formulation
· Most coatings are produced without harmful heavy metals or hazardous solvents
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