As a trading company dedicated to chemical products for over 120 years, we do not rest on our history and achievements but are constantly attempting to create new value. With the store of knowledge and know-how accumulated by working with a wide range of chemicals, from materials to products, we solve our customers' issues with a multifaceted approach.





1894   KITAMURA LTD. founded in Hiranomachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka by the late Chozo Kitamura for the manufacture, import, and sales of alcohols, medicine, and industrial chemicals

1917    September  
KITAMURA LTD. PARTNERSHIP CO. established by the late Denjiro Kitamura with JPY 100,000 in capital
1934   August  
Tokyo Branch established


1951    December  
Nagoya Branch established
Capital increased to JPY 10,000,000
Capital increased to JPY 15,000,000
Capital increased to JPY 20,000,000
1961    March  
Sapporo Sub-branch Office established
KITAMURA CO., LTD. incorporated with JPY 49,000,000 in capital
1962   March  
KITAMURA LTD. PARTNERSHIP CO. absorbed for a combined capital of JPY 69,000,000
1969   June  
Company name changed to KITAMURA CHEMICALS CO.,LTD.
Fukuoka Sub-branch Office established
1978   April  
Capital increased to JPY 103,500,000
1994   February  
Fukuoka Sub-branch Office upgraded to Sales Office
1999   October  
Joint corporation KITAMURA UMC (THAILAND)CO., LTD. established in Bangkok, Thailand
2003  September  
Local subsidiary KITAMURA-XIA (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. established in Shanghai, China
2005  September  
KITAMURA-XIA (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Shenzhen Branch established in Shenzhen, China

                               KITAMURA CHEMICALS (HONG KONG) CO., LTD. established in Hong Kong, China
2006  October  
Sapporo Sub-branch Office upgraded to Sales Office
2010  July  
KITAMURA-XIA (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Beijing Branch established in Beijing, China
2016  October  
KITAMURA CHEMICALS VIETNAM REP OFFICE (Representative Office) established in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2018  October  
KITAMURA CHEMICALS VIETNAM CO.,LTD. start activity as a Local Subsidiary

                         ( from present Representative Office)


Capital103.5 Million Yen
Business Activities1.Manufacture, sale, and import/export of industrial chemicals, solvents,plasticizers, cosmetics, foods, raw material for synthetic resins, and other chemical products
2.Research & development, manufacture, and sale of new materials and new components
3.Manufacture and sale of building materials and interior/exterior materials for buildings
4.Sale of plastic molding machines, ancillary machines, and other machines
5.Sale of AI・IoT solution
6.Lease of real estate
7.All services related to the above
Daicel Corporation
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Kazuo Kitamura
Board of DirectorsPresident: Kazuo Kitamura
Director: Toshiharu Okubo
Director: Ryo Kitamura
Director: Toshiya Torimoto
Director: Masayuki Takechi
Auditor: Junichi Kitamura (President of DAIHACHI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.)
Auditor: Shinichiro Kohara (General Manager/Chemicals Division of JNC CORPORATION)
Executive OfficersChief Executive Officer: Kazuo Kitamura
Senior Managing Executive Officer: Toshiharu Okubo
Managing Executive Officer: Ryo Kitamura
Executive Officer: Toshiya Torimoto
Executive Officer: Masayuki Takechi
Executive Officer: Koichi Sato
Number of Employees112
Bank AccountsMizuho Bank  (Senba Corporate Section / Nihonbashi Branch / Nagoya-chuo Branch)
Resona Bank (Osaka Banking Dept. / Nihombashi Branch / Nagoya Ekimae Branch)
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ (Kawaramachi Branch / Muromachi Branch / Tsurumai Branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Bingomachi Corporate Business Office)
Shiga Bank (Osaka Branch)

ISO14001 Certification Acquisition Status

Registration Certification AgencyLRQA
Certification Agency in Each CountryUKAS
Certificate No.YKA4002800
Date of First RegistrationApril 1, 2004
Date of Renewal RegistrationMarch 22, 2019
Office LocationHeadquarters / Osaka Branch,Tokyo Branch,Nagoya Branch

ISO14001 Certificate

Environmental Policy

For over 120 years, we have established a position as a specialized trading company in chemical industry, and have been striving to cope with the sophistication and diversification of customer needs in recent years by improving our information resources and technical capabilities.
As a leading specialist trading company in the chemical industry, we believe that it is our corporate responsibility to manage impact on the environment including our products. We therefore promise to do the following and make effort to continuously improve our environmental management system to prevent pollution.

We will comply with all related environmental laws and regulations, company standards, and other requirements to which our company agrees.
We will contribute to the environmental protection efforts of our customers through the proper provision of our company’s core products including chemical products and building materials, and provision of information related to new raw materials (product information and substitute product information).
We will act with an awareness of commodity efficiency and work efficiently in the fields where environmental efficiency can be improved in order to reduce our company’s impact on the environment.
In order to realize these, we will set environmental objectives and goals, and use this Environmental Policy as a framework for execution and review.
This Environmental Policy will be clearly notified to all employees, and will be thoroughly implemented as the guideline for our environmental protection actions.
April 1, 2016

Kazuo Kitamura

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