Technologically advanced Aluminium Composite Panel for a balanced combination of insulation and ventilation for a perfect building envelope.
Etalbond® gives architects the power to imagine and the tools to create plus with high quality standard from all over around the world.

ETALBOND is an Aluminium composite material for construction projects worldwide From Eval Colour in VIOHALCO Grop. Known for it’s unmatched resilience and unique appearance, Offers sustainable construction quality and high creative standards. With is outstanding product properties, This façade material stands-out among its competitors.

Eval Colour is a leading European coated aluminium manufacturer that produces and markets a full range of building envelope products of superior quality and latest technology. With over 40 years of experience in coating and colour matching could assure you for our committed to the customers that we will served the best serviced to produce the excellence of our products from the early stages of production until the last one.

as one of the leaders in the industry-aspiring always to superior product quality and excellent service - remain our customers' specific needs and is always glad to respond in the most effective and efficient way to those needs.



etalbond® is available in three different core compositions:

etalbond® PE with low-density polyethylene
etalbond® FR with fire-retardant core
etalbond® A2 with incombustible core, suitable for the most demanding applications, always in compliance with all fire safety requirements for external cladding


Composition of etalbond®
PE, FR & A2

•Protective plastic film
•High Quality Coating System
•Aluminium Alloy EN 3105 H44
•Adhesion Promoter
•Adhesive layer
•LD Polyethylene / Fire Retardant / Incombustible
•Adhesive layer
•Aluminium Alloy EN 3105 H44
•High Quality Coating System or Primer Coating

Advantages & Benefits

The main advantages of etalbond®, whose unique features replace the various traditional construction materials, are:

•Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
•Increased rigidity
•Simple forming techniques
•Due to its light weight, limited technical knowledge and time to assemble is required in contrast to traditional construction works
•Rapid installation
•Contributes largely to the decreased completion time of a project
•Resistant to extreme weather conditions (exposure and temperature)
•Extensive testing during production, guarantees the materials’ resistance capability to severe weather conditions
•Excellent UV characteristics, retaining colour after extended exposure to the sun
•Easy maintenance - pollution, acid, alkali and salt resistant
•The panels can be easily cleaned with a soft detergent due to their smooth surfaces.
•Curved and flat surfaces in striking colours create a new elegant look in buildings and constructions of all kinds.
Sustainability and Green materials
Fire Classification

Project Reference


Statoil Hydro Office

Material: etalbond®
Application: Façade
Country: Norway
Colour: Acropolis White
Quantity: 30.000m2
Architect: A - Lab



The Orbit

Application: Façade
Country: Greece
Colour: Acropolis White
Quantity: 14.500m2
Architect: LC Architects


Aviatica Waltrovka

Material: etalbond®FR
Application: Façade
Country: Czech Republic
Colour: Opel Grey Metallic
Quantity: 9.936m2
Architect: Jakub Cigler Architects



Clarion Helsinki hotel

Material: etalbond®FR
Application: Façade
Country: Finland
Colour: RAL 9010 High Gloss, RAL 7038 High Gloss
Quantity: 12.000m2
Architect: ADT Architects


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